Seek the necessary and not the extragavant

The stoics preferred a simple lifestyle, even the great roman emperor Marcus and with all the wealth Seneca preferred a simple life style. They were satisfisfied with what they needed not what they wanted.

Marcus Auelius even said “Receive without Pride let go…

The story about my Online instructor journey!!


* This is just my personal opinion. It has nothing to do with this Wonderful platform**

Like every new writer, I too started my journey to become a blogger. I made myself sure that one day or the other I will be a successful writer and the first necessity was my own blog.

I too started the journey through…

If you are looking to learn more about sound in videos, you came to the right place.
This premiere pro course goes in-depth about all things of audio and sound editing for video creators, using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Not only will we cover the basics of how to actually…

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Happiness in life is all about little things

What can you do to be happy?

Is happiness like a treasure that is buried deep under oceans.?

You can never find happiness no matter how hard you look but to feel happiness is easy. Just learn the simple rules of this game for you will be victorious.

Love one another


illustration by the Author — Vinod Kj

I know that you would be wondering that this might be some Christian blog trying to tell you to believe in God and go to church, but you are wrong.

It has nothing to do with Christianity or about Jesus Christ. Or is it about some Bible class? Nah!


Illustration by author

what quotes can do to you!

I relished books and Video-games more than anything in my life. Books formed a significant part of my life, and after all these years, I can still proclaim with chest-thumping what I learned helped me to face the substantial challenges and depressions in my Life.

Like my friends, books stood…

Are you feeling confused?

Are you in pain and feel hopeless and miserable….So am I

Are you now in a dark room without any glimpse of the light or any ray of hope? …

Happiness in Life is all about little things.

Is Happiness like a treasure that is buried deep under oceans.?

Is Happiness only a myth?

Can’t we make Happiness a reality?

I pursued Happiness all along my Life traveling over miles of land and sea to just have a glimpse of…

Are you always fighting against your problems?

Do your problems and troubles seem more significant than you?

All things are good in this life when we don’t fight and react immediately. We just need to accept things as it is!

There are times you feel the need to argue;


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