How to Find your life purpose with 9 Powerful Factors

The most important factors to improve your life and well being|Learn to be happy and be fulfilled for you are special

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Welcome to this ultimate personal transformation course for finding your Lifes purpose by knowing the most important and the most powerful factors that can either make or break your Life

Every single individual wants to be happy and live a fulfilled life. when you ask this question to your self are you happy and fulfilled, what answer do you receive?

If NO comes to the first thing to your mind then this course is for you.

This course is not going to speak about productivity or goal management or about wealth management and even I am not going to speak about discipline.

This course will be more than that.

I am going to speak about unquantifiable things which cannot be measured but yet impacts a great deal in your life

I am going to introduce you to 9 key and important principle or key factors that are really going to determine how you are going to shape your life.

1)The first section will cover the power of your thoughts.

Are you the master of your thoughts or are you on autopilot.?

If your thoughts are on autopilot then your life will be too on autopilot mode, you will learn how you can take control of your thoughts to master your life.

If you really want to become the master of your destiny, you must learn to control the nature of your dominant, habitual thoughts that you frequently think every day and at every hour and by doing so, you will be able to attract into your life that which you intend to have and experience. With practice, you will understand that it is you who can shape your own destiny

2)The second section will be about your own emotions and the power of your emotions

Are you always feeling broken or very-tired because your life is beating you continuously?

Have you heard about the phrase when the going gets tough, only the tough get going.

The end result of all your uncontrolled emotions is that you end up hurting your loved ones, be it your beloved friends, husband or wife or rather your beautiful naughty kids.

3)The third section will be about adversity and why adversity is the greatest gift that you can receive and how it is going to sculpt your life.

When the going gets tough can you stand up or do you kneel down and fall? because getting up again and again after getting beaten up is the greatest quality that will determine your fears, your self-confidence and how everything is shaping your Life.

4)The fourth section will be about the most dreaded four-letter word in history which is nothing but FEAR

You will learn all about fear and how can you understand your fears and move on with your life.

5)The fifth section is all about YOU

I know that you want to be someone great and well recognized, but what are the hurdles in you that you would have never seen before? This section also informs you about the invisible prison that you always carry with you

6)The sixth section is my favorite- “Where ever you go, I will follow, yours obediently-Depression”.

We will speak about depression and what depression can do to you. we will also speak why you are depressed and why you should understand what depression is.

7)The seventh section is all about Emotional detachment.

You may be asking why I should detach from life?

Sometimes detachment is better than being attached you will learn about the importance of not attaching to anything that can have its own joy and happiness.

You will learn that expectation is the mother of all frustration.

8)The Eighth section is all about what acceptance of life is all about.

You will learn how to be OK with the ways things are and how acceptance can bring you profound joy.

Finally, Human beings are recognized only by the stories that they speak almost everyone has their story, for some they love to say happy stories for many sad stories become the part of their life.

9)The ninth section is all about your own story and why stories are very important.

Unlike animals, we just don’t eat produce and die we have the strength to create our own story.

This section is all about creating your own story.

I have created this course in a very simple manner, there will not be any hard jargon, this course will help you to think and bring out the best in your life. after all we have just one life and we should make it into our best life.

Best Regards

Vinod KJ



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